Does your room need a little pick me up? Try incorporating an accent wall!



Posted on April 11 2021

Choosing your accent wall

There really are no rules, pick what feels right for you.  Where does your eye naturally go when you enter the room?  Where would it make the biggest impact?

What look should you go for?

There are so many options available, and Google and Pintrest are the perfect places to get inspiration. See something you like? Make it yours by adding your own twist.  

Are you a new DIY'er?  No worries! We've all been there.  Don't be afraid to experiment, especially with paint, you can always change the color if you've made the wrong choice. With other techniques, youtube is your best friend!  There are instructional videos for just about everything. 

Practice, Practice, Practice!  

Practice your technique before application to your accent wall.  I practice on cardboard boxes (I know I'm not the only one with a stack of boxes from online orders..).