Chill your shots to perfection with no dilution of flavor. There's no secret technique: just the proprietary cooling gel that lies between these glass' double walls. It's an elegant way to keep drinks cool and flavorful for hours.
  • Holds 3 oz
  • Set of Two
  • Clear glass
  • Double walled
  • Built-in cooling gel
  • PKG: Shelf Box
FROSTY COLD SHOTS EVERY TIME - Double walled construction and freezable cooling gel will chill your shots down. No need to shake alcohol with ice or dilute in a cocktail shaker to chill your shots, just enjoy straight icy cold booze. PREMIUM SHOT GLASSES SET - These cool shot glasses make everything go down smoother. Holds 3 oz so each of these glasses works great as a standard shot glass or can hold enough to work as a shooter shot glass set for layered drinks. REAL DOUBLE WALLED GLASS - No plastic or silicone pieces here. These are the best freezable fancy shot glasses out there thanks to the clear, sleek look. Friends and guests will be impressed at the freezable function and modern shot glass style. -PERFECT SHOT GLASS GIFT SET - Anyone who likes to entertain and have a good time will love these. The freezable cooling gel makes the shot glasses a great gift for gadget lovers, whiskey lovers, home bartenders and more. GREAT FOR TEQUILA AND MORE - Once you take shots out of these Viski chilling double walled shot glasses and see how frosty, refreshing and crisp shots can be, you won’t want to take shots out of anything else. Each glass holds 3 oz.
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